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Why do some people look so good on TV? So cool, smart, relaxed?  How do they manage and give those great answers?

Have you ever thought to ask about that someone who is behind a camera or in front of a video editing suite?


  • Hi! My name is John Mallidis.

  • I have filmed hundreds of interviews and I have spent thousands of hours on editing video footage. Like you, I have also wondered why some people “just don't have it” when they face a camera. It is not any rocket science to have a good TV presence!

    I found out that the reason is fear. Do you know those vicious, one – eyed monsters from Greek mythology? The mighty Cyclops? The video camera with the big dark eye - the lens facing you - is one of them and EVERYBODY is afraid of it.

    As the shrewd Ulysses did, you can trick the monster, but you need a plan! My team and I offer a training seminar on how to have a professional TV presence. This is the plan.

    But, like most succesfull plans, you have to make it BEFORE the encounter with the Cyclop, err... the camera I mean!

  • On this full – day course you learn:

    - How to prepare yourself the day before the interview.

    - Basics on the filming set-up. You  MUST know what the camera crew needs to make you look good!

    - Types of interviews: looking at the camera, reading from a telepromter, talking to a journalist, doing stand ups, vox pop style, B-roll. All the jargon you don't know and makes you feel awkward in front of a TV crew.

    - How and when to speak, where to look at, how to gesture and when to move.

    - Basics on film cutting. Again, you HAVE to know what a video editor needs, in order to give the best of you on the final cut. You should also be aware of what some vicious ones can use to make you look bad. It goes with out saying that there are also some non – mythical monsters in show business.

    The experience you get:

    - Give an interview in front of a real TV crew. A couple of experts will show you how it's done and what you can do to make it happen.

    - Watch the recording, learn how it can be edited and do it again. This will not happen in a real life situation. TV crews are as busy as you are. You may be important in your organisation but this simply dressed guy behind the camera, has probably met and filmed so more celebrities in a year that you will ever meet in your entire life. Learn how to help the camera crew to help YOU look good. Most of the times it is a win – win situation, but, like Ulysses, you need a plan.

    - Ask questions, get honest answers that will help you become better, get feedback about your style, your weak and strong points.

    - You will get the video files of your training plus a personalised debriefing a few days after the course.

  • This course is for:

    - PR people who give interviews or organise interviews for their colleagues in their organisation or company.

    - Communication / media managers and assistants.

    - Public representives, spokespersons.

    - Lecturers and professors.

    - Advertising and sales executives.

    - Journalists who want turn to TV journalism. (Syllabus in this case is adjusted to the journalist's needs)

  • How this course is conducted:

    -It can take place at your organisations / business premises or in a studio / space outside your premises.

    - A full day is needed. Ideally starting at 09:00 and lasting until 18:00 with an 1-hour lunch break.

    - It can be offered to one person or to a small group, up to 6 – 8 people.

    - A well trained lighting camera operator and a TV field producer are be there the whole day to conduct the course. Professional, broadcast quality camera, microphones, tripod, lights, telepromter, monitors, etc will be used.

    - The cost of this course starts from as low as 600 CHF (Swiss francs), all inclusive.

    (For courses held outside Switzerland relevant travel charges apply.)

    Invest this small amount of money and time but the results will pay you back in multiple! The course can be independent or combined with a general media training offered by institutes and schools.

  • This course guarantees to bring you out of your comfort zone, but that's exactly where the magic happens! Contact now:



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