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Cameraman in Switzerland

Professional cameraman / videographer in Geneva, available also in Lausanne, Bern, Zurich, etc.
  • - Fast response, reasonable rates!
  • - Hire me as camera operator without or with my own kit: Sony FS7 professional camcorder, tripod, microphones, lights, telepromtper, video editing suite.
  • - Expertise in productions for corporate video, interviews, events and travel related TV shows.
  • - Knowlegdeable camera operator for live broadcast (satellite uplink from SNG / OB trucks, studio productions, etc)
  • - Video journalist services (research, film, edit and upload your story).
  • - Remote interview set up for Skype TX or for Teradek Cube / SLICE / T-RAX / CORE.

    - Record and immediate playback for media training sessions.

  • - From Full HD, 1080p, NTSC & PAL up to 4K (UHD, QFHD or DCI).
  • - Credit cards and PayPal accepted.

  • Demo reel at vimeo.com/104709523

  • More crew can be hired at short notice:

    soundman (field recordist), assistant, 2nd camera operator, telepropter operator, driver, runner, producer / journalist, etc.

    Please note that we are not a booking service or agency for television freelance crew.

    We are a circle of independent freelance professionals, based and working legally in Switzerland. We pool each other when a TV crew is needed.

    No middle man, no booking fees; you buy directly from the source!


    In emergency cases, breaking news, etc. please call John Mallidis at +41 79 524 29 80

    (Telemarketing calls to the above number are strictly prohibited)


    • - Available cameras: SONY FS7, FS5, PMW-200 and PMW-EX1
    • - Extra on-camera recorder: AJA KiProMini records AppleProRes 4:2:2 and Avid DNxHD full raster files.

    - Monitor - recorder: Video Devices PIX-E7 records AppleProRes up to 4K and H.264 files.

      - Sehnheiser and Sanken lavalier professional mics, wired & wireless, shotgun, closed type monitoring headset, wind shields, e.t.c.
    • - Tripod, LED panel lights, backdrops, green screen, etc.
    • - Post facilities on the spot: Apple MacbookPro laptop, 17" with Hi-Resolution antiglare Widescreen Display, proper for evaluation, logging and a rough cut, even on location.
    • - Post facilities in studio: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and AVID Symphony suite at studio with Apple MacPro 8-core 16 GB RAM system, EISO color calibrated monitors and 300 Mbps upload¬† fibre optic Internet connection.
    • - Station wagon (estate car).
    • - More cameras available on request.

      • TV and film production solutions

    • Rate card in CHF (Swiss francs)

    • sony_ex1_small

    • The FLEXI Pack (videographer)

    • 1 person crew, from CHF 500 half-day, CHF 850 full-day

    • (rates are inclusive of equipment use)

    • - Cameraman (8 - 9 hours day), fully equipped: Sony PMW-EX1 Full HD pro video camera, batteries, battery charger, tripod, basic lights' kit, shotgun directional microphone, wireless lavalier & handheld mics, etc.

    • FS7_wireless_microphoneThe DoP Pack (cinematographer)

    • 1 person crew, from CHF 800 half-day, CHF 1200 full-day

    • (rates are inclusive of equipment use)

    • - Cameraman (8 - 9 hours day), fully equipped: Sony PMW-FS7 (Full HD up to 4K)¬† video camera, 16-35 and 28-135 lenses, batteries and charger, Sachtler tripod, LED panels lights, shotgun MKH-416 directional microphone, Sennheiser wireless and Sanken COS -11D wired lavalier & handheld mics, portable production monitor, etc.

  • audio_field_mixersony fs7 cameraman in geneva switzerlandThe BROADCAST Pack (TV news crew)

    2 people crew, cameraman + soundman from CHF 1800 per day

  • - Camera operator (8 - 9 hours day), fully equipped: Pro video camera, batteries, tripod, lights, etc.

    - Sound recordist (8 - 9 hours day), fully equipped: Shotgun directional microphone and boom, lavalier & handheld mics, etc. with multi channel portable audio recorder with timecode Sound Devices 633.

  • The CINE Pack

  • 3 people crew, from CHF 2500 per day

  • (discounts on multi - day productions)

    • sony_f5_oled_viewfinder_small

    • - DoP Director of Photography (9 - 10 hours day) fully equipped for highest end TV commercials / feature film production:
    • SONY CineAlta PMW - F55 digital motion picture camera with large format Super 35mm sensor
    • Four (4) cinematic Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed Lenses (25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 80mm)
    • SxS+ cards for XAVC codec
    • AXS-R5 bolt on recorder / AXS cards for 2K / 4K 16-bit RAW
    • Sony OLED viewfinder / Sony OLED production monitor
    • Extra sturdy Sachtler tripod, dolly, lights and more.

    • - Assistant - focus puller (9 - 10 hours day) to set up lights and dolly, follow focus, wrangle with data, etc.

    • - Sound recordist (9 - 10 hours day), fully equipped : Shotgun directional microphone and boom pole, lavalier & handheld mics, etc. with multi channel portable audio mixer - recorder with timecode.

    The TELEPROMPTING pack (autocue with operator)

    1 person crew, from CHF 450 half-day, CHF 750 full-day

    (discount possible if combined with above cameraman packs)professional teleprompter

  • - Teleprompter

    - Heavy-duty tripod to support safely the teleprompter and any handheld or shoulder camera

    - Professional prompting software with laptop, cables and remote control

    - Experienced teleprompter operator

    Other audiovisual production packages available upon request.

    Please contact John Mallidis at

    Alternative e-mail address:



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